Document Security

Document Security practices focus on reasonable measures that can be taken to make theft of intellectual property, or classified document more difficult and easier to detect. SMI Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities and Security Areas design services provide subject area expertise in the construction and certification of these facilities according to DCID and industrial standards. Other services include:

    • Development of protocols and guidance for Protections on Handling, Copying, And Disposing Classified Material, and Intellectual Property during and after duty hours.
    • Bar Coding of particularly sensitive classified material, such as asset files, to facilitate control and tracking.
    • Secure off-site destruction of sensitive material.
    • Spot inspections of employee’s person, that enhances security control capabilities.
    • Information profiling to determine where and what classified information is sent. Whether information is being properly classified, handled, and accessed on a need-to-know basics. Determine requirements, design, and implementation of automated solutions to include data warehousing, and document management software.
    • Classified warehousing of sensitive papers, tapes, discs, and other media.
    • Courier service by cleared individual, and inspection of carriers facility to ensure classified, intellectual property is being properly handled.

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