SMI allows your organization Stay in Control® with total integrated support of both your technical and non-technical security policies. Total Protection® is a goal focusing all your company’s security under one contract vehicle, and under one Chief Security Officer (CSO).

With one contract vehicle, your business can streamline acquisition through using task order requests to hire security services. In most cases the cost for complex acquisition, administration, travel, communications, and management associated with multiple contracts vehicles for risk management, security planning, engineering design, implementation, audits, and incident response for your personnel, physical, documents, communication, information technology, and operational security are eliminated.
Our approach provides for a comprehensive, reliable, and low cost security for industry section such as business, financial, government & defense, manufacturing, chemical, microelectronics, pharmaceutical & health, power, technology, and telecommunication. SMI goal is to offer the best and first in the industrial integrated approach to security that outpace any competition while providing your company with value that protects resources while staying one step ahead of the threat.


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