Cecil Avery

Cecil Avery is Chief Operating Officer for SMI and is a top-notch intelligence and security expert with more than 20 years of providing real-time intelligence and security support to national and international agencies.

After retiring as an Air Force Intelligence Analyst, he worked as the Senior Member of Technical Staff for the Department of Defense, Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). This team of security experts secured vital defense communication networks throughout the United States.

As a Lead Security Engineer for the National Missile Defense (NMD) Program, he provided expert advice for encryption technology used in the design, and security implementation of the 7 Billion-dollar enterprise.

Prior to joining PSINet, he worked for a dot.com startup where he designed and implemented a one-of -a-kind security architecture for the company's Wireless Applications and Application Service Provider (ASP) infrastructure. While at PSINet, he worked with F-Secure, Computer Associates, and other software to pioneer Enterprise Software licensing.

As a Global Security Engineer with Intrusion.com, Avery provided support for the sale of the first gigabyte intrusion detection system to large Internet Service Providers and Fortune 100 companies.

Avery’s expertise in strategic planning, customer focus and operational excellence was instrumental in shaping Information Assurance Policies for Headquarter Army Material Command installations around the world.

As the Deputy Director Information Technology Division, Naval Air Station Sigonella, he managed a 7000 seat Tier 1, 2, 3 Help Desk, Technical Support and Telecommunication Operation which was the hub for all peace and wartime communication with the Mediterranean.

As a Information System Security Manager of Raytheon Missile System, he provided certification of weapon systems supports every mission area of its customers, including Air-to-Air, and Combat, Naval Weapons, Strike Weapons, Missile Defense, Guided Projectiles, and Directed Energy Weapons, and new technologies and integrated mission solutions to respond to the evolving needs of the war fighter.

His experience as the Deputy Lead, Information Assurance Program Office, Defense Logistic Agency, work experience includes migitration, implementation, upgrades, and improved e-business solutions for over 1200 very complex to simple applications/databases.

Mr. Avery is a Certified Information Security Manager.


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